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Who am I?

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The Beginning 

My story begins back in a small ranch in the state of Guanajuato Mexico. That's were my parents first met and later married. However, they wouldn't stay there forever because they wanted more opportunity. Eventually, they decided to emigrate to the United States, "The Land of Opportunity". 


Fast forward, I was born in California. I am blessed and proud to be an American citizen! We lived in Anaheim for a couple of years and then moved to San Bernardino. What can I say, I enjoyed my childhood in California. I enjoyed the diversity and inclusive vibes, especially being Latino.


After almost a decade living in "The Golden State", my parents decided to move to a small town in Northwest Georgia. 


It was a difficult move for sure. Those who have moved from California to Georgia will understand. I missed my life in California, but eventually I learned to appreciate my new life as a Georgian. The experiences and people I have met have helped shape who I am today.

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Next Continued

After graduating high school, I unfortunately did not have Harvard offering a full ride. I think it was because I mainly did the bear minimum to keep my parents off my back. To my parents delight, I still did good enough to get accepted into college.


I only had two options that I wanted to study which were Criminal Justice or Business. I chose Dalton State College where I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I went from having an average high school experience to graduating with honors, studying abroad in China, and being a member of leadership in two organizations.


The funny thing is, I worked at the Home Depot while I was studying. With that, I still had a taste of business in the back of my throat. I started to gain more interest in business and specifically in sales, marketing, and client service which I had been working in during my time with the Home Depot. For this reason, I chose not to pursue law school as I originally planned. I instead chose to pursue a career in business. I've also always had a creative brain and love to write alongside my work. Now, I work in business while expressing my creativity through my website and my social media.


My mantra is "Family man, Businessman, Optimist, Leader, and proud American who enjoys dressing sharp" precisely because of my unique background and experiences. I am a man of many parts and I enjoy using these parts to help others in their lives. As we go through life, we all discover or develop interests that we become obsessed with. We all have something unique that we can help others with. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan once said: "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

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