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5 Reasons Why "YOU" Should Own the Chase Freedom Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

1. It's a Cashback card.

Cashback cards can help you make and save some money period. How? Let's say Jimmy walks into Starbucks to get a coffee. He sees a pretty girl and decides to buy her some too. The total comes out to be $20. If he uses his debit card or cash, then POOF! The money is gone. However, if he was to use the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, he could have got some of that $20 back and put in back inside his wallet/bank account.

2. $0 Annual Fee

While other cards have annual fees of $95 a year, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card is free! That means with other cards, you would still have to pay the $95 even if you used them or not. You don't have to worry about that with this puppy. You do have to qualify for this card. They don't just let every person have this card, so keep that in mind.

3. $200 Sign up Bonus

Alright, so here me out on this one. Chase will give you $200 automatically is you decide to sign up for this card. However, you do have to spend at least $500 in the first 3 months to get that $200. That shouldn't be too hard if you have to buy food, gas, or go out to restaurants. It only took me a couples of weeks to spend the $500 with Amazon lol.

This is not bad at all when you compare it to other cashback cards. Bank of America and Wells Fargo cashback cards require you to spend $1,000 to get their bonus. That's double what you need with this card.

4. You get great percentages for various types of spending

So here's the cashback you can get. You get 5% cashback on any travel booked through Chase. You get 3% cashback on dining and pharmacy purchases. Finally, you get 1.5% on all other purchases (Gas, groceries, clothing, some bills, etc.).

It may not seem like a lot if you take a look at every single transaction and that's understandable. What if you take your spending and see how much you've spent in 1 year? That's where you see a difference. Any cashback is better than none for me because I work hard for my money. You how much cash back you get for using a debit card or cash? NONE! You're going to spend the money anyways, why not get some of it back?

5. Chase Bank's Customer Service

JP Morgan Chase is the largest Bank in the United States. They have tremendous resources and are able to back that up with their services. They offer great 24/7 customer service. If you ever need help or have questions, they are one call away. If you have to dispute a charge, it's better to let Chase handle the merchant while you keep your money in the bank. If you have to make a dispute with a debit card, that money may not be refunded until the dispute is over.


The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card is a top-dog in it's class. It offers a lot without asking for too much. It's a great way to build your credit while earning some cashback. I do want to give you a quick heads up: This is a credit card! If you don't pay your balance in full at the end of the month, the interest (15-24%) and late fees level out all the benefits of owning this card.

Like any credit card, you are better off using it like a debit card. If you can't afford it, don't put in on this card. Still, it's way better to use this card then using a debit card or cash. Spend wisely my friend, and get a little of your hard earned cash back with this card!! If you think this card is for you, then sign up for it now:

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