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5 Things I Learned as an Optician

If you are reading this then this means you are not blind. This is a good thing. This post is going to talk about VISION! Specifically, what I learned during my time working as an Optician (Unlicensed). An optician is a fancy word for a person who helps patients select their glasses or contact lenses after having their eye exam done by an Optometrist (Eye Doctor). Here we go!

1. Our eye health and vision are taken for granted.

Many people who visited our office would go years without having an eye exam. Others, would be referred to specialists to further examine their eyes and choose not to do so.

It' unfortunate but it's the truth. Some patients would try to spend the least amount of money and would forgo better options just to save money. In my opinion, vision is not one of those categories one should choose to be cheap with.

2. Diabetes is a condition that can cause you to go blind!

Many diabetics, including my grandpa, lose their eyesight due to diabetes. Diabetic Retinopathy is a vision KILLER! So if you are a diabetic, you better take care of yourself before it's too late.

You have been warned my friend.

3. Needing vision corrections and eyewear in general are EXPENSIVE!

It's definitely NOT cheap. Depending on your prescription or the features you want to add to a pair of glasses, a pair of glasses can run you anywhere from $100 to $600 a pop.

There are many things you can do with a pair of glasses. You can wear a lined bifocal or a progressive. You can add filters such as transitions, anti-glare, blue light, tint, or even get polarized sunglasses. If you like the works, then be prepared to spend some $$$!

In addition, for those who wear contact lenses, if you have astigmatism then you too will pay a pretty penny for your contacts. A regular eye is spherical so it's shaped more like a baseball. An eye with astigmatism will have some curvature so it's shaped more like a football. This means the contact needs to have a more precise fit. Of course, this means bumping up the price vs regular contacts.

4. Contact lenses are not always worn properly!

Patients would come in with eye infections or scratches in their eyes because they would wear their contacts too long. Another common issue would be patients who would wear expired lenses. Come on people, the expiration date is on the packaging!

There are daily, bi-weekly, and monthly contacts and if you think it's safe to wear them longer, then think again!

5. There are programs that can help you afford glasses.

I encountered a lot of patients who were going through rough times and were not able to afford their glasses without waiting for their next paycheck. Not all people have vision insurance so it's important to have access to organizations that help people afford glasses.

If you are putting off your eye exam because you don't have vision insurance or don't have the money, then here are some organizations that can help:

Well there you have. I hope you learned something about the world of vison just like I did when I worked as an Optician. It's interesting to think about the things you don't know until you work in a specific field. I enjoyed learning all about the world of vision. If you feel like this would be something for you, then consider becoming an Optician or an Optometrist.


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