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Is your dating game weak? When you ask out a girl, do you feel like you stink? If this is you, then with Project 52 you need to link!!!

What is Project 52? Project 52 is a challenge I am starting with the goal to help guys understand that the only thing stopping them from a spicy dating life is THEMSELVES!

What is the challenge, and how am I going to beat it? There are 52 weeks in a year. For every single week, I will have to go on a date with a girl! I can't date the same girl twice and I must document the date with a picture to prove it!

I will document my journey on my Instagram and Tik Tok @l.a.carrillo and I invite you to join me on this challenge. Feel free to reach out (DM on Instagram or send me an email on my Homepage) if you want to join so we can support each other along the way. I start officially on the 1st day of the New Year!!


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