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The Shephard & The Smoker

The shepherd was riding his horse towards the grasslands to let his sheep graze. On the way to the grasslands, he would pass the house of the smoker. The smoker would always sit on his porch and smoke his cigar. The shepherd hated passing by there because the smoker's dogs would always bully his horse and scare his sheep. The smoker always found that funny.

This day was no different, except for one thing. On this day, the shepherd decided he was going to change this. He stared at the smoker and said: "What's so funny"? The smoker responded after puffing his cigar: "I'm laughing at how pathetic your horse is. Well, he's a horse but acts more like a pussy".

The shepherd responded with: "Well, he is outnumbered 3 to 1. Maybe if I shoot 2 of them he won't be so afraid". The smoker said with a serious look on his face: " You could that but then your horse and your sheep would be without a shepherd".

The shepherd got off his horse. He was angry about how he'd put up with this bullshit and was ready to do something about it. He said sternly: "Why wait?" The smoker stood up and got off his porch.

The town folk heard gunshots and went to go see what had happened.

This is what they found: A horse without a rider, a herd of sheep without a shepherd, and a cigar without a smoker.

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