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How to Become Confident to go to the Gym

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Has anyone ever asked you: "Hey, you want to go to the gym and workout?". Inside your head you start to freak out and say: "Oh crap, what do I say? I'm know I should go but I'm way too insecure or shy to workout in front of other people." You end up telling the other person: "I would, but I don't really have time because I have to do [Insert activity] or [Insert other commitment]". Well if this is you, don't feel bad, you are not alone. Here are 3 quick tips that will help you gain the confidence to go to the gym and respond with: "Hell yeah! What time?"

Tip # 1: It's OK to feel insecure about the gym!

We all at one point were newbies at the gym. Unless you grew up in an environment where it was normal to go to the gym at a young age, most people are not knowledgeable about exercising or working out at a gym. Also, if you never had anyone who could show you some workouts, give you some tips, or you've never workout out before, how do you expect to feel confident enough to go to the gym? We can't expect to feel confident as we begin to go workout at a gym and that's totally fine. The more you go, the more confident you will become! It's similar to when you learned how to walk. First you crawled, then you got on both legs took a few steps while falling throughout, and voila, you now know how to walk. Was it magic? No. Was it easy? No. Was it because you kept on trying, even if you failed at first, and persisted? YES!

Tip # 2: Understand the purpose of a Gym

Sometimes we forget that a gym is NOT supposed to be a place a judgement. It is NOT supposed to be a place where a person feels uncomfortable. A gym should be a place where everyone feels welcomed. It should be a place where a person feels great because they know they are improving their health and striving to accomplish their fitness goals. A gym at the end of day is for you to create a better version of yourself. It might suck at first, but with time it will feel almost routine-like. Just think what would happen if you exercised consistently and what shape you would be in if you decided to go to a gym.

Tip # 3: Do NOT Compare yourself to others!

Its hard not to compare ourselves to other people at gym. There are other people that you will see that may have more sculpted bodies. They'll have muscles on top of muscles. That's ok. That is them. Looking at others and comparing yourself to others won't get you results. Focusing on your exercise/workout will! I'm going to tell you a little secret. Most mature gym goers are focused on their own workout and won't pay a lot of attention to you. It's the new gym goers that are usually concerned with others and focusing on other people's workout instead of their own! Remember, you are not in a competition with others, you are only competing with yourself. You are trying to improve yourself and that's it. In time, you might even be the person who has muscles on top of muscles lol. :)

When you decide to start going to the gym to exercise, you will feel uncomfortable. You are doing something new that you are not used to. Naturally, you will not feel very confident. THAT'S OK. You will once you decide to start going consistently. You will get better and better and the confidence will come with it. It's also helpful to ask your friends, family, or any person who works out in a gym. They will be happy to share what they have learned (Including myself!). If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at or click this link that will take you directly to my contact page.


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1 Comment

Jackie C
Jackie C
Feb 01, 2021

These are great tips! You are right, sometimes we get in our own way when trying to do new things and we hold ourselves back! We have to break that cycle. thank you for sharing

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